Hair Loss

The Trauma of Hair Loss:

Hair loss can be triggered by a variety of reasons. Often, the primary cause cannot be traced. Internal diseases, reaction to drugs, and dietary deficiencies are some common causes to hair loss. Each hair has a life span. When it falls off, it is replaced by another. Then the rate of of loss overtakes the rate of replacement, general thinning or hair loss takes place. It is therefore important to maintain the health of the hair to ensure that replacement does not suffer.

If there is a problem, it is essential to seek professional care to determine the cause and treatment. If scalp infection is the problem it can be treated externally. Medicated hair tonics and treatments are used to restore the scalp to balance.

A large measure of success has been achieved through use of plant extracts that promote hair growth and improve the health of the scalp. Henna, shikakai, reetha, amla, bael and other extracts have been used in cases of acute hair loss. Not only do these extracts have therapeutic value, but the body responds well to natural organic products. Allergic reactions and side effects are non-existent.

The use of hair brush should be stopped whilst the condition exists. It is better to use a wide toothed comb when required. Unfortunately, most people only act when the they are confronted with the problem, then panic creating a vicious cycle. A little care on a regular basis goes a long way, so act now.

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