Freckles & Skin Pigmentation

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, the pigment in the skin increases in
order to protect the inner layers of the skin. Repeated exposure for extended
periods of time, causes the skin to tan. In fair skins, there is an accumulation
of pigment in the lower layers, which gradually gets destroyed as it transfers
to the upper layers. When there is excessive exposure, fair skins get freckles
– these generally accumulate on areas that are elevated like the nose, forehead,

Clearly, people who have a tendency towards freckles should protect themselves
from the sun. Always wear a sunscreen, try the OmVeda Natural Sun Protection,
especially on elevated areas of the skin. Freckles can be lightened naturally
by products that contain lemon, turmeric, aloe, bael fruit etc. Some excellent
results have been achieved by regular use of OmVeda Pigmentation and Blemish
Lotion, OmVeda Pigmentation Cream and Mask. Also OmVeda Turmeric Cream.