While its main actions are to prevent hair loss and hair thinning, promote growth and combat premature greying, this purely Ayurvedic herbal mask offers many other benefits for both the hair and scalp. It also addresses dandruff, strengthens hair roots, helps the hair maintain and boost its colour while it nourishes dry, split ends and reduces scalp irritations and itching.

Restoring and nurturing hair and scalp, its magical line up of Ayurvedic herbs is an all-in-one treatment and the secret to lush, long and healthy locks.

This traditional recipe comes in the form of a fine Ayurvedic herbal powder that is mixed into a smooth, spreadable paste with yoghurt and applied to the scalp and dry hair.

The pure herbs (in powder form) in the Neelini Herbal Hair Mask include Eclipta Alba, known as Bhringraj or False Daisy. This fascinating plant is recognised for its regenerative properties and its valuable benefits in boosting hair growth and reducing hair loss. It also has the power to return lost colour to the hair. While it stimulates growth and restores healthier and more vibrant locks, it also helps to prevent greying of the hair. The leaves of the Eclipta Alba plant contain certain chemicals that work to accelerate the healing process in damaged hair follicles and it is believed this damage is linked to the cause of hair loss. So, it makes sense that repairing the damage would help in the hair growing back.

In addi¬tion to Eclipta Alba, the Mask contains the Amla fruit, rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, Ellagic acid, flavonoids and minerals. It helps to boost nourishment to the hair follicles, encourage hair growth and treat dry, itchy scalps as well as dandruff; Psoralea Corylifolia to improve hair growth and lustre, enhance the quality of the hair while also rejuvenating; Terminalia Belerica to address premature greying, maintain hair colour while also promoting hair growth. The formula also includes the countless properties of Neem that relieve dry, uncomfortable sensations of the scalp, dandruff and at the same time offer silky, shiny and strong hair.
Make the Neelini Mask a part of your weekly beauty routine. Mix with yoghurt, apply and massage into scalp and hair. Leave on for up to 30 minutes and rinse away for healthy, glossy and thicker hair.


Ayurvedic 24K age defying wonder

Gilded Beauty

Not just for adorning fingers or wrists, 24K Gold as a key ingredient in skincare has amazing benefits. Gold has been used since ancient times to preserve beauty and youth. It is reported that Cleopatra slept in a pure gold mask!

From an Ayurvedic perspective, Gold stimulates circulation thereby helping build healthy tissues. It has warming properties vis Silver which is cooling. And, as it’s a Rasayana (meaning it rejuvenates), it facilitates the removal of toxins, helps avoid collagen breakdown and subsequent loss of elasticity to firm the skin, provide intense nourishment while it brightens and enlivens the complexion.

Giving mature, dull, sallow and tired complexions a new lease on life, our precious Gold products use food grade Gold Leaf which is readily, easily and safely absorbed to work at a deeper level.

Restoring the health and vitality of the skin, our 24K Gold is a powerful anti-oxidant that works in synergy with our Ayurvedic herbs including Saffron, Almond Oil, rich in Vitamin E and hydrating Aloe. Together, they boost the resilience of the skin and give it a fresh glow. Gold has skin-healing benefits and acts as a preventative, restorative and anti-ageing ingredient.

Our 24K Gold Facial and home-care products are for most skin types. We do not recommend Gold for sensitive complexions.


OmVeda Cleansers

Thanks to Mother Nature, we have some of the best pro-ageing ingredients for those who prefer the natural path to beauty and a glowing complexion. All our formulas are rich in Vitamins, minerals and nutrients that have been developed to work with the skin.

In addition to maintenance of the skin, regular exercise, eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water are all important.

Developing regular skincare habits early on keep the complexion looking beautiful, balanced and vibrant. Book regular maintenance facials with your favourite OmVeda Therapist as both can help delay the need for artificial procedures later on.

investing in an effective range of products and practicing good skincare with a morning and night-time routine goes a long way in keeping our skin healthy and vibrant.

During the colder months we may want to add more nourishing elements to our everyday mix. At this time maybe switch to a creamier cleanser, more richly textured creams and add a facial oil to our routine for example.

Cleanse morning and night:
Takes care of debris, grime and make-up. Cleansing at night is particularly important as leaving make up on overnight can cause breakouts and dryness. Our Aloe Cleanser is perfect for dry skins and removing make up and it leaves the complexion hydrated and smooth. An effective cleanser for oily and combination types is our Cream Soap or Neem Facial Cleanser that respects the pH of the skin and does not leave behind a tight or uncomfortable feel. Sensitive and irritated skins, Sandalwood Cleanser.

Exfoliate regularly:
To keep pores free of impurities and the skin bright and beautiful, exfoliation is a must. Once a week for drier complexions and twice per week for oilier types keeps dullness at bay, clears away dead skin build-up and also helps our products penetrate and work more effectively. Avoid aggressive exfoliators that can damage the skin. Dry skins love our Walnut or Gold Scrubs and, oiler skins can benefit from our Scrub Grains, neither of which contain microbeads.

Add a Mask:
As they’re the perfect add-on to our skincare routine and to address specific concerns … helping to hydrate or draw out impurities. For oilier skins, our clay-based Protex Mask is a great one to purify and another is our Fruit Mask which is loaded with Citrus and healing Zinc. Both can reduce visible and clogged pores and absorb excess oils. Now some news that you may not have known, our Masks also work to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin as they’re designed to be removed with a little water which is worked in circular motions. Afterwards the excess can then be rinsed away. For skins on the dry side, our Diamond Mask is rich in Fuller’s Earth and Diamond Ash to rejuvenate and renew.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise:
Applying a good day cream keeps the skin looking hydrated and dewy. A night cream is vital as, when we sleep, the body goes into repair mode. In turn our skin is more responsive and receptive to the active ingredients in our products, making it more conducive to rejuvenation.

When applying our day and night creams take a little extra time to gently massage into both face and neck as this will help keep the skin firm, lush and soft and, at the same time improve circulation and send nutrients deep within the cells. Our day and night creams are designed a little differently and are a little thicker in texture. To get the best from them, dot the face … cheeks, chin, neck and forehead, dampen fingertips and boost the massage in with Saffron Oil.

The eyes have it:
Squinting, smiling, sun damage and constant movement can cause finer lines and deeper wrinkles, not to mention dark circles. As the skin around the eyes is quite fragile it’s where issues first start to show. Everyday application of an Eye Cream is a beauty essential to keep the area smooth, hydrated and soft and, it can also help protect from further damage. As versatile as it is vital, our Eye Cream can also be applied to the lips and around the mouth.

Limit exposure to the sun (yes even during Winter):
Exposing our skin to UV rays can damage the collagen and elastin fibres and these fibres are the ones that keep our skin firm. UV rays can break down these fibres which leads to wrinkles and accelerates the ageing process. Get into the habit of protecting the skin with our natural protective bases like our Sandalwood Protective Base or Natural Sun Protection. Use a SPF on top for further protection if you are out in the sun for a long time. Of course, in high summer, wear a hat and take cover in the shade whenever possible.



We now have a line of pure Vegan personal care products for use at home and a V-Series range of in-salon face and hair therapies.

OmVeda products do not contain animal by-products such as dairy, synthetic preservatives, artificial colouring or fragrances and, of course, are NOT tested on animals. Eco-friendly and purely organically grown herbs and other natural ingredients, OmVeda supports small farmers and their sustainability principles.

Our new Vegan range contains no beeswax.

Made with love and care, wholesome and unpolluted, as with all OmVeda products, we use traditional Ayurvedic formulations to unlock the secret to natural beauty and nurture our Vegan clients to achieve and maintain total wellness.
The Vegan ranges suit every skin and hair type, condition and concern, making it easy to switch your everyday routine.

The latest in our Vegan line up is our Travel Pack for face, body + hair. The pack contains Vetiver Wash, Rose Toner, Saffron Oil, Calming Massage Oil, Green Apple Shampoo + Herbal Hair Oil. Packaged in a wrap pouch made from 100% unbleached, fully washable cotton canvas.

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Pores are the passageway for oil to reach the surface of the skin and essential to keep it moisturised, supple and protected. Oil travels up this passageway (canal) and exits through the pore. A build-up of dirt, impurities, oil and dead surface cells can make pores more visible.

Causes of visible pores ranges from not cleansing adequately, too much sun, ageing and an excess of oil on the surface of the skin.

Here are some ways to minimise visible pores and manage blackheads.

Be sure to cleanse thoroughly. If you have an oilier complexion, look for products that have anti-bacterial properties to protect the skin from outbreaks. Our Neem Facial Wash or Cream Soap helps reduce dead cell build up (which by the way can become lodged in the pores) and helps to alleviate oil on the surface of the skin, which can make pores more noticeable. Both cleansers, btw, contain anti-bacterial properties.

OmVeda Cleansers

Exfoliation helps; however, over-exfoliating can worsen the problem as harsh scrubbing can cause the skin to become inflamed and also produce more oil. We recommend a gentle exfoliation weekly for drier types and twice weekly for oily skins. Try our Scrub Grains for oily skins and either the Gold or Walnut Scrubs for normal to dry skins.

OmVeda Walnut Scrub

Masking up:
Clay-based masks are perfect for visible and clogged pores as they play two roles … firstly these masks absorb excess oils and at the same time exfoliate the skin. Our Protex Mask is a great one to purify the skin and another is our Fruit Mask which contains Citrus and healing Zinc. Both are formulated for oily skins. For drier and more mature types the Diamond Mask is rich in Fuller’s Earth and Diamond Ash. It works to draw out impurities while it rejuvenates.

OmVeda Face Masks

As we age, skin loses its elasticity as a result, the skin around the pore is not as firm as a younger complexion. When the skin thickens, cells stack-up around the pores and oils, dirt and impurities can build up in the wall of the pores, making them more noticeable. Cleanse daily to thoroughly remove make-up, exfoliate and mask up weekly and moisturize morning and night. A great routine for more mature skin is Aloe Cleansing Cream, Rose Toner, Walnut Scrub and Mango Mask once a week, Honey Sandalwood during the day and Night Nourishing Cream at bedtime.

Sun Exposure:
Excess sun exposure can damage skin’s collagen and shrinks elasticity in pore passageway (canal). Always apply sunscreen and as with ageing, apply a mask containing Fullers Earth as in our Diamond Mask for more mature and dry skins. This at-home mask helps minimize large pores while at the same time reduce lines and pigmentation.

Blackheads are a result of dirt and impurities settling into pores which gives them their darker colour, making them more noticeable. It’s best not to attempt to remove blackheads ourselves as this is an issue that should be left to a professional therapist. Steaming the face at home can be effective in opening the pores and helpful in easing the removal of blackheads. Cleanse and towel dry the face before steaming. You can steam at home by pouring boiled water into a large bowl. Use a large towel to cover the head and place the face over the bowl (about 45 cms from the bowl) for 5 – 10 minutes max then pat-dry the skin and apply an anti-bacterial lotion like our Pigmentation and Blemish Lotion.

Kansa Wands

The magic of the Kansa Wand, the benefits are endless

The beauty and healing of the Kansa Wand are now just being recognised in our world and welcomed into the spa and salon and also at home.

This unique and traditional Ayurvedic massage tool has been used for centuries to harmonise energy points and provide healing for the entire body is still created by artisans today in India.


Traditionally it is just the bowl – called Kansa Vatki. Kansa meaning metal, and Vatki meaning bowl. The bowl is made from three metals – copper, zinc and tin. The bowl is dipped in warm herbalised oil ( to suit your constitution) and massaged into the skin. It can be used on the feet, hands and face.  It uses the subtle electrical conductivity of the metal to improve the body’s natural balancing system while supporting overall well-being, health and strength.

The modernistic take on the kansa vatki is The Kansa Wand features a small bowl called a Vatki, which sits on a hand-carved, lacquered wooden handle, designed for easy manoeuvrability over a specific area or areas.

The Kansa works in many ways by helping improve blood and lymphatic flow, aid in mobility, ease pain and, in some cases, promotes a sounder sleep.   In addition, it relieves tension and stress.

It can be used on the face, neck, hands, feet or in fact any part of the body using circular, zig-zag and sweeping movements and differing modes of pressure.


Massaging with the Kansa on the face reignites vitality, offers a gentle lifting effect, smooths out and decreases lines and wrinkles, reduces under eye puffiness and overall, revitalises and refreshes the complexion.

It has the power to boost oxygen levels, which in turn allows toxin build up to be released.  It can calm inflammation, making it great for after-shaving to soothe the skin.  Regular Kansa massage also helps brighten and awaken the skin.

First introduced and used as a foot treatment for its relaxation and harmonising benefits that brought a balance to our doshas, while it revitalised tired feet.  Therapists are now incorporating the Kansa Wand into their facial treatments for its effective and incredible results in naturally rejuvenating the complexion and returning a youthful appearance.


The Kansa Wand is designed to be used in conjunction with an oil to give it slip and enhance the benefits of both the herbalised oil and the kansa vatki

Whether in the salon or at home, the Kansa Wand is an invaluable tool.



The history of the Rose is steeped in love rituals and offerings. Keeping the heart open and connected, this magical and beautiful flower smells exquisite and is recognised worldwide as a symbol of love and passion. It has played a vital role in civilisations across the globe and is thought to have originated in old Persia.

Since that time the Rose has been cultivated by the Greeks, the Romans, the Germans and the French. In India, it is regarded as a symbol of grace and beauty, playing a major part in daily rituals and celebrations.

Rose water is sprinkled on guests as they enter the marriage pavilion as a gesture of respect, it is given to the elderly to wash and cleanse their hands, its petals are scattered on the marital bed, fragrant fresh roses decorate palaces, petals are used in the bath and fresh garlands adorn the body as a sign of love and respect.

The Cabbage Rose is used to produce the Indian attar (or essence) of rose used to scent soaps, oils and perfumes. Rosewater is used to relieve tired eyes. Its petals are used by Ayurvedic doctors to make a syrup and dried, it is used in teas and tonics to relieve dizziness and headaches. Cooling, calming and moisturising, it is a rich source of Vitamin C and can therefore be used on most skin types. It is recognised for its valuable and effective anti-ageing properties. Anti-bacterial, hydrating and balancing, it contains awesome emollient properties, is rich in anti-oxidants and can also act as an anti-inflammatory. It’s no surprise that the Rose plays an important role in beauty treatments for centuries.

We have harnessed the intoxicating and therapeutic powers of the Rose in many of our salon treatment products and also in our richly royal Rose Toner, Pure Rosewater and Silk Screen. Calming skin woes, the Rose Toner is an aromatic finishing rinse for the face. It is an enriching and soothing tonic that refreshes and removes all residues after cleansing or mask application. Blended with the goodness of rose petals, highly praised for their astringent and cooling properties, they are also an outstanding source of Vitamin C and provide relief to stressed skin conditions; the scent of rosa centifolia (100 leafed cabbage rose) and dates, recognised for their cooling, nourishing and moisturising properties. As vital, the Toner contains no alcohol or chemicals.

Our Silk Screen is a real scene stealer. It’s a light, frothy cream that forms an invisible film to seal in moisture. Light in texture but big on nourishment, without a greasy after feel, it leaves drier skin types with a soft silken sheen, making it the ideal under make up moisturiser. This natural beauty recipe combines Rose buds, which help to soften and are rich in vitamins and restorative properties. The OmVeda Silk Screen also contains the organic goodness of White Sandalwood, Indian Madder and Sandalwood. Formulated like a foundation, it takes on the natural colour of the skin and helps to protect from outside aggressions.

Balancing skin and the mind, our Pure Rose Water is an exotic mist for the face and body with a mesmerising scent. It is not a hydrosol but is made from ancient techniques steeped in tradition where thousands of rose petals are soaked in water. The rose petals are boiled in clay or copper pots under constant heat, and allowed to cool. Introduced to India by the moguls many centuries ago and is a speciality of small pockets of North India where the tradition has been down through generations.

Just a light spritz over the body helps to ease stress and anxiety, hydrates and revitalises the skin, keeping it moist and comfortable. It is also helpful in treating sensitive concerns such as dermatitis and eczema. Toning the skin and balancing its pH, it is rich in anti-oxidant properties to aid in strengthening cells and regenerating tissues.

100% pure, it is distilled from the petals of Damask Roses, highly prized for their soothing, hydrating, calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. The OmVeda Pure Rose Water can be misted over the face or body to cool and offer relief from over-heating or with your day or night cream.


Camphor, also known as OCIMMUM KILIMANDSCHARICUM, has been used for centuries to treat malaria and fevers. However, there is more to Camphor than repelling insects and keeping our favourite woollens free of moths and silver-fish.
It is an evergreen tree with a magnificent and beautiful wide-spanning canopy whose branches feature bunches of tiny yellow and white flowers that produce clusters of fruit that are berry like and black in colour. The fruit contains the Camphor seed.
It has been used topically as a pain remedy for inflammation, wounds, tired muscles, joints and relief of rheumatism. Interestingly, long, long ago it was also used in incense form as a treatment for asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. A study undertaken on extracts of Camphor leaves revealed that they were found to have anti-microbial qualities that could manage bacterial strains.
The leaves and seeds of the Camphor plant (which we use in our products) contain anti-inflammatory properties and have a marvellous cooling effect.
In addition to soothing aches and relieving joint pain, its list of therapeutic benefits extends further. It is also very helpful in treating break-outs and acne prone skin concerns. You can find it in our Cream Soap, Karporadhi Oil, Clove Acne Mask and Pimple Clear.

The Healing Bounty of India

On a visit to India a few years back I focused on the tradition and authenticity of lineages of work in different fields.

At OmVeda, our passion as a company has been to maintain a traditional family of products and treatments as we believe that if these ancient artisans are not supported they will disappear in the plethora of modernity. While we value advances in methods, our modality is based on ancient texts which have been tried and tested over centuries – in fact over 5000 years. This arguably cannot be replaced.

One very unique stop on my journey was Baroda, where I had the pleasure to see first-hand, the making of Sankheda furniture, a classically Gujerati style of furniture. There is a whole village devoted to this art and I toured in awe absorbing the process from raw teak wood to the intricate painting to final product. The people in the village are all largely devoted and grow into this art, each one specialising in an aspect of the process.

I travelled from Cochin in the state of Kerala (promoted as God’s own country) to Periyar, a six hour drive, where the largest wildlife sanctuary in India is located. The journey went up a very windy road, quite often narrow and steep. The driver skillfully manoeuvered his way through people, grazing cows, the occasional monkey, lots of colourful buses with loud classical music and three wheel scooter taxis. There was no time to fall asleep in case something unique was missed.

Amidst the views of rivers, lush trees, agriculture and estates harvesting rubber, pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, the Ayurvedic herbal farms was the focus my attention. I could not help thinking it truly is God’s own country – it seemed everything precious grew there.

On the way we stopped at an Ayurvedic equipment workshop where they crafted handmade dhronis, shirodhara stands, urulis, steam cabinets and more. The artisans worked in a shed thatched with leaves as they focused on their art in absolute harmony. This is the dedication and spirit that goes into the making of these specialized equipment traditionally used to do Ayurvedic treatments.

Eventually, I reached my destination where I stayed with a family of Ayurvedic doctors. Father, son, wife and children all groomed in this ancient knowledge. The compound was surrounded by plants and trees, most of them grown for use in herbal medicines and oils. I asked how the trees were protected from insects and bugs and was told that susceptible plants had a host which meant no pesticides were necessary. Plant defense against herbivory or host-plant resistance (HPR) describes a range of adaptations evolved by plants which improve their survival and reproduction by reducing the impact of herbivores.

Staying at the farm I was in awe of how our classic Ayurvedic oils are prepared, which is the focus of this article. The ingredients are handpicked, cleaned, cut or dried according to the texts. Each ingredient is freshly picked and prepared and used as a juice or powder as required in its unique preparation. The preparation of an oil takes many days/weeks until it is ready to be dispensed.

Method of Blending an Ayurveda Massage Oil
Ayurvedic massage oils are quite different from other massage oils available in the market, by virtue of its properties and preparations.

In order to prepare 1 litre ‘Thailam’ (Ayurveda Massage oil), 1 kilogram of dried herbs are boiled in 16 litres of water until it is reduced to just 4 litres of ‘Kasha yam’ (decoction). And then 120 gm. of medicines (powdered and ground) as ‘Kalkam’ (paste) and 1 litre juice of fresh herbs – ‘Swarasam’ are added to the base oil (generally black sesame or coconut) and mixed together, and boiled in low flame until the whole water of the mixture is vaporized. While boiling, the medicinal qualities of the herbals are absorbed by the oil, and the oil becomes medicated. Over a number of days the moisture evaporates and as the consistency of the paste changes, the characteristic features of different oil are seen eg

• 1st stage – sticky & wax like – used for nasya (nasal oil)
• 2nd stage – rolls into ball – used for internal medicine i.e. enema
• 3rd stage – fine sand like consistency – ayurveda massage oil

Therefore a traditional Ayurvedic oil goes through a very special process which means the healing properties remain intact.

In the preparation of oils and pastes special and traditional procedures are used to ensure strict quality control and the preparation of medicines in the traditional manner using special metal vessel- ‘panchaloha’ pathra (made of gold, silver, copper, iron, and brass).

• Only prescribed types of fire woods are used.
• Organic sesame is bought directly from the farmers, and the oil is extracted in wooden grinders – as it was in olden days.
• The herbs are collected fresh
• All these are to ensure high quality and purity.
• GMP certified

Ayurveda Massage
In Ayurvedic massage different kinds of oils are used for body massage and head massage. For instance ‘Brahmi’ oil is used for head massage and ‘Raksha’ oil for body massage.

It is advisable to take an Ayurveda oil massage once a week or at least once in fortnight. For example, any machine would run well if it is lubricated often. Similarly a human body becomes very supple when an Ayurveda oil massage in given.

Abhyangam (oil massage) can keep away fatigue, body pain, tissue damage, skin diseases, infections, obesity, hair falling and premature aging at bay. It can provide efficiency, physical care, bodily strength, sleep, memory power, skin softness, etc. It has been found that Abhyangam if taken on Monday improves beauty, on Wednesday it increases wealth, and on Saturdays it gives better erotic experiences.

Each oil has specific herbal combinations which work in synergy as active ingredients. Combinations of herbal powders can be used after oil massage to help increase circulation, remove dead epithelial cells and deep cleanse the skin.

It is our intention that in sharing this traditional and special journey in the making of an Ayurvedic oil, we imprint the knowledge that Ayurvedic massage oils are markedly different and have deep healing properties used in the correct way.


While it’s an essential part of our daily routine and personal hygiene, cleansing keeps the skin free of impurities, healthy, fresh and radiant. Instead of using soap, the Ayurvedic tradition is the Uptana, generally a combination of ground herbs and other spices that both cleanse and purify the skin. And, using this powder keeps the skin gently exfoliated and naturally rejuvenating and, afterwards your body moisturiser will absorb better so it can do its work.

We have the perfect solution in our Hibiscus Body Cleansing Powder, a real two in one product that is packed with skin stars of natural and pure finely ground herbs to keep the skin smooth and beautiful.

Our Powder contains crushed Hibiscus petals that are rich in anti-oxidants that help protect against free radical damage. The beautiful Hibiscus also has anti-inflammatory properties to aid in soothing inflamed skin, which makes it great for sensitive types too. In addition, the Hibiscus Body Cleansing Powder uses Amla (known as Indian Gooseberry) that is packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to help maintain the skin’s youth and vitality. Amla is also helpful in tackling skin woes like breakouts (think shoulders and back) by combatting micro-organisms that are present on the skin and incredible Amla also helps to ease dusky marks and other dark spots (think legs and arms from exposure to the sun). It also contains another ingredient called Albizzia Lebeck, did you know this can also help to repel insects.

So next time you hop in the shower, take the OmVeda Uptana with you. Simply wet the skin and sprinkle on a little of the herbal powder onto the body and work in circular motions, then rinse away. Skin will be amazingly smooth and silken.