General Characteristics: Pitta people have a strong sharp memory, are goal orientated, good organisers, strong, sharp appetite, dislike the heat, prone to sunburn, sensitive, tendency towards diarrhoea, active, impatient and irritable, generally aggravated by heat – hot food, alcohol, hot weather, hot rooms.

Skin condition:

  • Rashes, inflammation, itching
  • Oily T zone
  • Premature wrinkling
  • Yellow pustular acne, blackheads, whiteheads, general excessive oiliness
  • Discolouration of natural pigmentation

Most of us are a combination of 2 or more Vikruti. In this instance be aware of climatic and environmental factors. Pitta – Summer, Vata – Spring and Autumn, Kapha – winter. Use products for the appropriate season. If you need help in deciding contact us.

Pitta Product Range

OmVeda Aloe Vera Cleansing Cream or
OmVeda Sandalwood Cleanser
OmVeda Rose Toner
OmVeda Pimple Clear
OmVeda Date Enriched Moisturiser
OmVeda Pearl Cream
OmVeda Silver Day Cream
OmVeda Nourishing Night Cream
OmVeda Eye Cream
OmVeda Sandalwood Protective Base
OmVeda Silk Sunscreen
OmVeda Silver Gel
OmVeda Rehydrating Body Lotion
OmVeda Turmeric Cellulite Cream
OmVeda Pearl Mask
OmVeda Cucumber Mask
OmVeda Vitamin Enriched Mask
OmVeda Protein Face Mask
OmVeda Body Gel
OmVeda Calming Massage Oil
OmVeda Body Talc
OmVeda Henna Shampoo
OmVeda Hair Tonic
OmVeda Neelini Hair Pack