General Characteristics: Vata people dislike the cold, are prone to constipation and flatulence, they get anxious and worry, sleep lightly, cannot keep still, have to keep moving or do something, talk quickly, enthusiastic, creative, like to travel, have a small body frame, dry hair and skin, tend to snack, and have learn things quickly but also forget – short term memory.

Skin condition:

  • Lack of tone or lustre
  • Rough patches
  • Chapping and cracking
  • Dry rashes, corns and callouses
  • Dry eczema

Most of us are a combination of 2 or more Vikruti. In this instance be aware of climatic and environmental factors. Pitta – Summer, Vata – Spring and Autumn, Kapha – winter. Use products for the appropriate season. If you need help in deciding contact us.

Vata Product Range

OmVeda Aloe Vera Cleansing Cream
OmVeda Walnut Scrub
OmVeda Gold Scrub
OmVeda Rose Skin Toner
OmVeda Gold Toner
OmVeda Honey & Sandalwood Moisturiser
OmVeda Gold Day Cream
OmVeda Diamond Cream
OmVeda Eye Cream
OmVeda Night Lotus
OmVeda Silk Sunscreen
OmVeda Seaweed Gel
OmVeda Gold Gel
OmVeda Gold Mask
OmVeda Antiwrinkle Mask
OmVeda Diamond Mask
OmVeda Pigmentation Mask
OmVeda Protein Face Mask
OmVeda Mango Body Butter Face Pack
OmVeda Body Gel
OmVeda Honey Body Lotion
OmVeda Pinda Tailum
OmVeda Arthroil
OmVeda Raksha Oil
OmVeda Turmeric Cellulite Cream
OmVeda Rehydrating Body Lotion
OmVeda Amla Shampoo
OmVeda Hair Conditioner
OmVeda Brahmi Oil
OmVeda Hair Tonic